Master Plot and Character Integration with the Ultimate Novel Development Blueprint

It's like having a Developmental Editor in your pocket. Never get stuck on your story again!

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Do you get stuck partway through planning and/or writing your novel, wondering whether you've taken the right direction or possibly just messed up the story? Do you end up abandoning half-finished books in frustration? The Novel Approach to Planning is the ultimate story blueprint that will help you capture and fully develop all your ideas, ready for writing (or revising) scene by scene, with ease.

The Novel Approach developmental framework is a comprehensive novel planning template that has been finetuned over the course of two decades by author and developmental editor Elle Carter Neal. Discover the fun and simplicity of filling in a timeline that breaks down both the character development and the important plot points that connect to related moments in the character arc. You'll understand the psychology of how a story fits together and you'll be able to choose and develop every scene knowing exactly what effect you want to achieve. You'll have a comprehensive overview at your fingertips, while also being able to hone in on one scene at a time.

The Novel Approach makes it a breeze to quickly capture detailed notes for future books giving you the confidence to pause those shiny new story ideas while you finish your WIP, knowing that your blueprint will refresh your memory when the time comes to start something new.


  • A video walkthrough of the template and exactly how to use it to its full potential, which includes discussion on story structure and the strategies for achieving a balanced plot.

  • And bonuses: Video examples of popular genre stories broken down against this template. Choose from:

    Harry Potter (Fantasy)

    Star Wars (Fantasy, Sci-Fi)

    ✰ the musical Annie (Historical/Drama)

    ✰ Netflix's Stranger Things (Horror/Sci-Fi)

    ✰ Pride and Prejudice (Historical/Romance)

    ... and see how each of these fit into the template structure.


Suitable for all writers from beginners to already-published authors looking for ways to refine their technique.

It will take time and effort to write a book, and learn the publishing industry and the skills you'll need to handle the publication phase. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money, this is not the course for you. Your success is entirely up to you and is not guaranteed. If you choose the traditional publishing route, you will need to make your own submissions to agents and publishers, and selection for publication is not guaranteed. By proceding, you understand and agree that this course is taken at your own risk.

The legacy version of this course will be created with your input and feedback. There may be a learning curve for me, too, as I teach this course for the first time. You'll have lifetime access to the refined versions of all modules, as well as any updates and improvements to the content.

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